A Tourist’s Hand Guide To Thailand

Delicious food, beautiful beaches and ancient monuments built by civilizations from long ago make Thailand one of the most visited countries in SE Asia.

Where Is Thailand?

Thailand is located in SE Asia.It is surrounded by the countries of Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos. Its beautiful beaches can be found adjacent to the Indian Ocean on the west and the Gulf of Thailand on the south and east.

Where can I stay when visiting Thailand?

Because of it’s popularity as a tourist destination, many hotels are available in large cities like Bangkok and smaller cities as well. In recent years, smaller but more upscale boutique hotels that cater to a more sophisticated clientele have sprung up in cities all across the country. One such boutique hotel is Aleenta. This small hotel has only 17 suites, and is perfect for those looking to enjoy an intimate and private beach setting. You’ll have the beach at your doorstep, allowing access any time you like. For those who prefer lounging by a pool instead, there is a beautiful infinity pool available as well.

If you’re the type who enjoys a little more excitement, check out the Ibrik City hotel, which is located in Bangkok in the center of the business district. While there, you may be tempted to take a cooking lesson or two at the “Blue Elephant” cooking school which located right next door. With only 3 rooms, it offers plenty of seclusion and privacy in case you need to take a break from all the excitement that seems to be everywhere in Bangkok.

What is there to see in Thailand?

phimai-templeAccess to ancient temples and monuments is a key reason Thailand has become such a popular tourist destination. The Buddhist temple known as Phimai Temple is a must see for its unique architectural aspects. Another popular destination among tourists is Sukothai Historical Park where tourists flock to see the ancient stupas located there.

If you’re a fan of Thai food, you must make an effort to spend time at one of their street markets they have become well-known for. You’ll be in heaven with all the food sampling opportunities you’ll have access to. If you need a break from all the crowds and excitement that are common in the beach areas, take a visit the interior to see an example of the simpler life lived by Thai away from the tourist locations.

Getting around Thailand

Many tourists hire a car to take them around Thailand, but for most, taking the train may be a better option. If staying in Bangkok, you’ll have access to a Sky train and a boat service, both of which can get you most anywhere you like. Use buses and trains if you’re staying closer to the coast. The trains in the smaller areas away from cities like Bangkok can be slow, but they quite comfortable, so sit back and enjoy the ride. The bus rides are different however, and you may be in fear for your life the first few times you ride them, but you’ll get used to it. At least they’re cheap, and most have air conditioning, which is a fair trade off.